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All discount types have properties defined on the header and some discount types have additional properties defined per line. For example, quantity discounts have quantity tiers. People often think about discounts in Retail in terms of the discount header only and assume that all the lines on the discount are related to each other because they share a discount header.

However, this view of retail discounts is too simplistic. For simple discounts and quantity discounts, it is more accurate to think of each discount line as an independent discount that shares some properties with the other discount lines. In fact, the retail pricing engine evaluates simple and quantity discounts in just this manner. Each discount line for simple discounts and quantity discounts is independent. For simple discounts, it is easy to understand that each discount line is independent of all other discount lines on the same discount, because there isn't a quantity or amount criterion required to qualify for the discount.

For quantity discounts, you might think that the lines can be combined to reach the quantity criterion for a discount, but they don't. The quantity tiers must be reached independently for each line of a quantity discount. When you create discounts, we recommend that you always avoid or minimize overlapping discount lines.

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Overlapping discount lines occur when two or more discount lines in the same discount can be applied to the same product. In this case, the retail pricing engine must treat the discount as two or more independent discounts that must then be evaluated against each other to find the best discount amount.

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In addition, it can be difficult for a user to know what the discount will be just by looking at the discount definition. When you manage retail discounts, it's important that you understand each discount option individually, but it is equally important that you understand which options affect each other and how. The common settings for discounts fall into two categories. In the first category are settings that filter discounts for consideration. Examples include Status , Currency , and Unit of measure. Settings in the second category control the order in which multiple discounts are considered and applied.

Examples include Discount concurrency mode and Pricing priority. The following image shows the various properties of a discount.

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This field is labeled Discount and holds a unique ID for each discount. It's set when you first create a discount and can't be changed later. In Retail parameters , you can set up independent number sequences for each type of discount. In this case, make sure that the number sequences won't collide.

For example, you can use a unique prefix for each discount type. This field is a short free text field that is used to describe the discount. Therefore, your cashiers and end customers will see this description.

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There are four types of retail discounts in Retail: Discount , Quantity , Mix and match , and Threshold. The discount type is set when you first create a discount and can't be changed later. The discount type determines whether there is a quantity or amount criterion that must be met to qualify for the discount. The status of a discount can be either Enabled or Disabled. When you first create a discount, the status is Disabled. Discounts can only be edited when they are disabled. When discount data is pushed to a channel, disabled discounts are not pushed.

If a discount was previously enabled and pushed to the channel, then this new push will also remove the discount from the channel. When you change the status to Enabled , various validation checks are performed on the discount, depending on the type of discount.

The list of validation checks has increased in recent updates of the product to prevent incomplete or poorly defined discounts from being pushed to retail channels. Here is a partial list of the validations that are performed when you enable a discount:. The currency of a discount defines the currency of all amount and price fields on the discount. Different discount types have different field options. The currency also acts as a filter during discount calculation. This determines which discounts compete on a transaction, and which discounts are compounded together. The three values for this option are Exclusive , Best price , and Compound.

When the value is Exclusive or Best price , only one discount can be applied to a transaction line. The only difference between Exclusive and Best price is the order that the discounts are considered and applied in. Exclusive discounts are always evaluated and applied before Best price and Compound discounts, if all other settings are the same. Therefore, Exclusive and Best price discount never compete for the best price. Two or more Exclusive discounts will compete for the best price, as will two or more Best price discounts.

Additionally, many of these products allow you to generate a pop screen to be used for surveys. Microsoft Retail Management is a solution that comes to mind. Do you provide your coupons digitally or in print form? If digitally, look into a diminishing coupon. In a prior role, we had abuse of printed coupons, too. We cut back substantially on printed coupons and shifted many of them onto a digital platform. Since our coupons were sent via email, and our email provider offered diminishing coupons, it limited abuse.

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The customer could still open and review the contents of the email, but after 3 opens our set number , the coupon was digitally A POS is so simple to acquire these days and it offers support, reports and so much more than you can do manually. Even with a few small transactions a day, it will be good for taxes at the end of the year, organization and a better understanding of business trends, times of transactions etc. Square offers a great way to do that very inexpensively.

There are a lot of really inexpensive options that will help you save time so you can grow your business rather than filtering transactions manually. There are many ways to approach pricing, and cost plus is not necessarily the answer. It's a complex subject, and needs a structured approach to answer it.

I suspect from this long list of questions there's no pricing strategy set by your company. It's like a flag blowing in the wind without one. In each situation, you're letting the market, the customer or the competition set the price for you. Of course these are important, but it's up to your company to decide what it wants. The first It is all iPad based, and runs off installed apps.

The back end is a cloud based CRM for want of a better word , that quickly enables updates, menu item changes, pricing to be changed on site or back home in my office, or for that matter, anywhere I have internet access. The support is really good, takes about 30 minutes to install on site, and errors are quickly rectified.

Its been easily scaleable so far. The staff like What are the key functions of retail POS software? It will help you do the following: Move customers through the checkout process Record sales data Track inventory Capture customer contact information Generate reports that you can use to analyze your business's performance Even if your business is very small, if you sell goods or services in person from a physical location — such as a brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, salon, spa or office — a POS system is a worthwhile investment that saves you time and money.

What do the best POS systems include? What are the benefits of a cloud POS system? Does the POS system come with mobile app support? Before you invest in a POS system, you want to research your options, read reviews and evaluate costs so you feel confident that the system you choose is the right fit for your business.

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Here you can find all our POS systems reviews. Read about the companies we selected as our best picks, plus other capable POS systems that are popular with small businesses. If you want even more options, we've compiled an alphabetized list of POS providers below. Inventory Management Do you need a basic product catalog or menu-item countdown?

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Customer Management and Loyalty Programs How much information do you need to collect about your customers? Employee Management If your employees will be using your POS system, you need to control the data and functions they can access. Reporting All POS systems can generate reports, but the number of reports, specific report types and customization options differ between systems.

Integrations Most web-based POS systems have integrations or apps that make it easier for you to share data between systems. Tablet stand: Holds the tablet in place Barcode scanner: Makes it faster to enter items into the system at the checkout station Scales: Allow you to sell bulk items by weight Customer display screen: Shows the customer their sales ticket as you enter items into the POS system Kitchen printer: Sends orders to the kitchen for the cooks to prepare Kitchen display system KDS : Digital alternative to the kitchen printer Kiosk: Tablet that customers can use to place their own orders Digital menu boards: Large screens that display your menu and promotions Coin dispenser: Reduces errors and speeds up the checkout process by automatically returning change to the customer Caller ID device: POS system automatically starts an order when customers call your business Buying, Leasing and "Free" POS Hardware It's always best to purchase your POS terminal upfront, even if that means starting with just the basics.

Proprietary vs. Card Readers Most of the time, you'll buy the credit card terminal or mobile reader from your payment processing company. Here's the criteria we used to evaluate POS systems: Contractual terms. The best POS software companies give you a choice between month-to-month and annual subscriptions. They don't require you to sign a multiyear contract or charge you fees if you decide to cancel your account. Monthly subscription fees. We considered how much it costs to use the POS software.

We also looked for additional fees the company charges, such as for setup and installation or for additional features or services. Transparency of pricing. The best companies post their prices on their websites so you can determine whether the system is within your budget before you spend time on the phone with a sales representative. Consumer Logistics Lead Time. Country of Origin. Dealer Logistics Lead Time. Depth mm. Height mm. Pack Contains. Product Type. Weight kg.

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