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And it is sad to hear that USPS was not able to supply a web address. On any account that's nothing more than a drop on the hot stone. We doubt this was worth the effort. Postal Sanity. I tend to generally agree, deadtree. My observation comes from the point that the Change Of Address cards come in an envelope containing among others advertisements from potential local businesses and government organizations.

You know, the "welcome to the neighborhood, may I help you? The Postal Service must eventually realize that offsetting costs by any means necessary would have a negative impact on the overall purpose. Most companies when you do some sort of transaction on line you get a break financially but not the brilliant Postal Service! You would think it would be a cheaper transaction on line rather the form at your local postal office??

Sort of like cops under quota pulling people over for going 68 in a The Postal Service has abandoned everything else, and if they don't get back on track to being a service provider, they will not survive. I have to fix at least 1 of these daily because of spelling errors or sloppyness. If you go on ebay and type in home repair you will see where thousands of lowes coupons are for sale. People were coming into our office and taking handfuls of these. I even had a local builder come in and hand me about 50 packs he had taken the coupons out of and wanted me to give him some more.

Why shouldn't the Post Office charge people when they move. A dollar isn't very much to have your first class mail with an old address sent to you for a year. Now they have to stand in line and wait for a form that should be available without standing in line thus increasing waiting time for people buying stamps and other services.

Itcomes down to the PO is trying to get out of the morter and brick operation and only use the internet for services. I recently moved and was going to just give in and use the online COA system, but ended up not being able to. But since all my bills go to a PO box, I had to go through a laborious process of entering my information on the website, printing a confirmation page, and mailing it to the USPS.

Usps Moving Kit

Sure, you can reverse it, but do you want the hassle of someone changing your address just to screw with you? Also, the comment about more coal being needed to power the equipment. The equipment is already running and the "extra" power consumption, if any, is small. It is much smaller than all the energy and materials it takes to make and send paper around.

All this comes down to "change". People don't like change and when they get used to something for a little while, it'll be alright. As a postal employee, I have seen forms out in lobbys that have been used for scratch paper more often than it's intended purpose not to mention people stealing pens.

All this costs money by which people don't understand. There is so much more to mailing a letter, for a measly forty-four cents, than people understand. The general public has no clue how the entire system runs and therefore can only comment negatively about the post office because it is the trendy thing to do. Hey, there's a thought. Think long and hard and speak for yourselves, people, rather than mouthing off without substance.

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The customer can still print the form and make it available to his or her carrier or local postoffice. One of the main benifits of the on line Change of Address is that is eliminates incorrect addressing and zip plus for date which is important for faster delivery of your mail. When folks fill out the paper card that the Post Office Provides many times we can't read what they wrote.

Not only that but often the new address is wrong which causes many problems for us and the customer. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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