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When you order online, you can use our wheel and tyre selector to make sure you only see the selection of rims and tyres that are suitable for your car. We can also offer a range of widths to meet your requirements. Tyre wise, we can suggest a combo with your wheel and vehicle type. We have everything from low profile tyres all the way up to chunky, all-terrain tyres for 4x4s. If you need some spare bolts or some coloured lock nuts to finish off the look of your new rims, you can order those to be delivered too. We can also fill your tyres with nitrogen.

Sometimes, water vapour inside air filled tyres can condense and leave water inside the tyre which can cuse further pressure changes and even corrosion on the inside of some steel composite rims. Even though our wheel and tyre packages are great value, we know that a new set of rims or tyres can be a big outlay.

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Home Wheel and Tyre Packages. Hello, I already have a set of Hope pro 4 evo hubs. Do you know what spoke length I will need when buying these rims? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sake, Due to the complexity and variations with calculating spoke lengths, we cannot guarantee the spokes will be the perfect length for your wheels. For this reason it is best to confirm the spokes length with your own builder. If you still like us to calculate the spokes length for your reference, please confirm below details. Hi, the hole count is 32 widths are 15x and 12x the hubs are J-bend spoke nipples are 14mm yes thank you. Hello Sake, It will be great if you answer your reply via email. Then I will create the purchase link based on our email record when you are ready to order.

Thank you! I would like to order EN 32h with dt swiss s boost hubs, and dt revolution spokes. Can you please let me know what the spoke lengths would be for drive and non-driveside? Hello Jaco, Thanks for your inquiry. Does that work for you? The price is much expensive is you buy the parts separately. Already buyed an EN wondering if you coul give me spokes lenght for 32 hole hub kong rear x12 by Tune. Hello Francesco, Sorry for the late reply. For spokes length, it will be great if you confirm with your own builder. Because different builders and lacing pattern will use different spokes length.

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Or please let us know the following and we can calculate the spoke length for your reference. Lacing pattern? Thanks, Light-bicycle. Hello Simon, Thanks for your inquiry.

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The recommend tires size for AM is 2. So you can run the 2.

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My body weight is 57kg and I am riding a mm travel full suspension bike. Will the 28holes AM be strong enough for Enduro use? Hello Jem, Thanks for your inquiry. You are not a large rider, so 28H rim is suitable for you. If you ride aggressively, then go with the EN The enduro version is a heavier weight due to the additional reinforcement. The thicker walls can handle heavier and more aggressive riders making this the best choice for Enduro style riding. I purchased a EN and AM hoops to build up. Also can a local purchase be made for what I need? Hello Ron, Thanks for your support.

I checked with our builder, and below are the spokes length we use for EN and AM wheels built with Hope pro2 32H hubs. For this reason, it will be better if you double check the spokes length with your own builder. Because for different builders and lacing pattern, the spokes length will be different. It is best to source the spokes locally, however we can also sell them if they cannot be purchased locally. Hello Mark, Thanks for your contact. I double checked with our builder, and we will use below spokes length for EN wheelset built with Hope pro4 J-bend 6-bolt 32H hubs.

But the spokes length are not what we recommend, and just for your reference.

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For this reason it is best to source the spokes locally, however we can also sell them if they cannot be purchased locally. I pan on purchasing 2- en b rims for front and rear.

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  8. I will be reusing my ethirteen trs hubs. Can you please tell me the spoke length I will need. Hello Ed, Thanks for your inquiry. Would you please let us know the hubs details as attached picture? Then we will check the spokes length accordingly. I'm thinking of purchasing a set of EN to build up my wheels. Hello Pedro, Thanks for your inquiry. Normally, we use below spokes length for EN built with Hope pro2 32H hubs. I have a pair of Hope Pro4 hubs Boost front and Boost rear, both 32 hole.

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    Can you please tell me what length of spokes I would need or can you supply me with the spokes I would need? Regards Gordon. Hello Gordon, Thanks for your inquiry. We can supply the spoke also. If you use other brands, the length will be slightly different. It will be better if you double check the spokes length with your builders. Hello, How much spoke offset is there on the asymmetrical rim? Thank you. Hi Vinny, The offset is 2. Please also find the attached cross-section drawing for your reference.

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    I like the new LB decals. Where can I get the new ones? I don't see them for sale on this site. Hello Mig, Thanks for your support. If you would like to order the new decals, please let us know the color you like, then I will create a purchase link for you. Does Pro Core work on EN? Hi Paul, For the EN, the rim depth is 28mm. I am afraid the Pro Core valve stem is slightly shorter for our rim. OK Weber Promo Code. Zxeus discount. Informed Therapy Resources voucher. Happy Heart Kid voucher. Complete require fields.

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