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No description, website, or topics provided. PHP Branch: master New pull request. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Allows customers to buy credits for themselves or gift them to others. Unique "Apply Coupon with One Click" technology during checkout, tight integration with WooCommerce and automatic maintenance. Credit balance will be managed automatically. Customers automatically get that coupon when they purchase the product.

Customer will get an option to enter email address of the person to send the coupon to during checkout. They can also add a custom message along. No need to spend time on this. Offering a discounted gift certificate. We've seen huge increase in sales this way. You get money in advance, and customer keeps coming back to the store to buy more. Go to Coupons settings in WooCommerce 2.

Nice Work! With the Group Coupons extension for WooCommerce, you can limit coupons to certain roles, i. You can find details on the features related to roles on the documentation page here Group Coupons. I only need the user roles feature for my application. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency on the documentation page. This has been corrected — you do not need any additional plugins to restrict coupons by role as that is supported by the Group Coupons extension without any further requirements.

Kento, I found a workaround for the time being: create a special login only category for VIPs and just put our VIP products in this category duplicating everything , then exclude coupons from this category.

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For me, this will probably work, but total group exclusion from particular coupons would be better since my workaround is rather limited in that everything has to be doubled. Thanks for sharing the approach taken, yes that looks like a solution but of course having the option to exclude groups would be more direct.

Can the plugin prevent coupons from working for certain groups? I want to offer coupons to only registered groups, but not VIPs. If you have people in VIP, it is not practical to manage their group membership by hand. If your coupon plugin does not manage this, then can you recommend anything? Maybe my VIP members should become a user role rather than group members? That would actually be a great addition to the plugin, I mean the ability to exclude certain groups from a coupon.

If you have a developer at hand or the knowledge, meanwhile you could use the Groups API and implement a hook on the coupon validity to restrict it. Is that a possibility for you while this is being added? I have a wholesale pricing plugin for my website. I set up a retail group and a wholesale group. Ok thanks for explaining that.

Is it possible that you are testing this with a user account that belongs to both the retail and the wholesale group? I purchased this plugin on Woocommerce. Do I need to submit a queery on there or on this site? What notice exactly are you getting please? Ive just spotted that multiple orders of a product give an increasingly large discount which rather than being fctored by the number of item ordered is factored by the number ordered squared so 1 item gives the correct discount, 2 gives the discount 4 times and 4 items ordered gives the discount 16 times everything else seems to work.

Thanks Mat.

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ANy chance this will be intergrated in the future? Does this plugin have the ability to automatically place the user in a group if they use the coupon? Thanks for the suggestion! I just installed the group plug in. I have two types of groups weekly- and by-weekly is there a way to have customers select what group they want to be added to? Do you reomend any of your other plug-ins? Thank you! See documentation for details please. When using the plugin, is it possible to create a single-use coupon and send it out to every group member … essentially allowing all members a one-off coupon discount?

Hi, you can restrict coupons to groups, but not only one use by user this feature will be added to Woocommerce 2. Are there any plans to offer it on codecanyon in the future, too? I really would appreciate that so I hope you consider this. Please can you make it available at codecanyon, too.

Hi Kento, Thanks for reply. Actually, this is the last step that I need to lunch my page. Thanks, Frank. Can this be fixed or do I understand something wrong? I have been strugling on this issue for a while now! Cool, but WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons provides another set of features, does it hook into this one so these coupons gets displayed in the product price display? I would probably use the description option on those coupons to display along with the price to have it more customizable. The automated display would also work.

Adding that feature to the WooCommerce Group Coupons plugin is another option, although then we would have two places where users of both plugins can enable it. Worth considering at least. This is just what I am looking for, especially with the automatic application. What I want to know is does the discount show on the product prices when a member of said group is logged in, or does i only show up in the cart?

The former could help drive sales.. It provides shortcodes to display the coupons, see the documentation for details on how these are used. There is also WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes which you can use to display information conditionally based on coupons, for example, to display coupon information in the cart based on which coupons are valid.

Hi Jason, sorry, you can find the plugin in Codecanyon. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Exclusive and targeted discounts for your customers? Groups Forums Restricted. Affiliates Extra Fields. Trickspad November 2, at pm. Does this plugin work for online website? Kento November 4, at pm. Craig December 24, at pm. Scott August 16, at pm. Rodrigo Campos July 19, at am. Where can I get demo coupon code of this plugin Reply.

Trevor August 18, at pm. Thank you Reply. Trevor August 24, at pm. Any other code would be appreciated. Hi ssiddique, Sorry, what is the problem? Mike January 26, at am. Hi, If I used automatic application for a group of customers, can the customer enter another coupon during the checkout? Kamna January 24, at am.

Please help! Hi, thanks for asking but these conditions are not supported.

Clemens January 16, at am. Do you know how to restrict coupons to customers and new customers without an account yet?

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Or select roles to exclude for the coupons? Great, thanks for the update on that Clemens. Clemens January 9, at pm. In my test installation it does set the role restriction: Screenshot Reply. Clemens January 9, at am. I just purchased your plugin. Shezz Amin January 7, at pm. Where can I see working demo coupon code of this plugin?

Arnoldo November 20, at pm. Cheers Reply. Justin April 11, at am. Justin May 8, at pm. That feature will totally rock. Justin August 19, at am. Any update on the proposed ability to exclude certain groups from redeeming a coupon?

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Sorry Justin, this feature is not implemented yet. Thomas September 25, at pm. Thomas October 6, at pm. Thomas October 7, at am.