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The built-in handle, combined with being under four pounds, means this portable heater can go from room to room with ease. This space heater is compact enough to sit table top but powerful enough at its maximum watts to get the job done. With three different settings—high heat, low heat, and fan only—the user can manually adjust the temperature to fit their needs. Whether you are in the market for something to keep under your desk at work or something to move from room to room at home, the carrying handle makes every option possible.

It also features automatic overheat protection and is cool to the touch as an added safety precaution. While the heater will work in most rooms, Lasko warns against using it in bathrooms and high humidity spaces. If you are looking to heat a small space quickly, the Fitfirst heater claims to do it in two seconds.

There is no need to adjust the heater as you find the perfect cozy spot in front of the TV. The degree auto-oscillating feature ensures that heat will disperse throughout the room. The three wind speeds—natural wind, low heat mode, high heat mode—allow this product to be used year round. The Fitfirst Space Heater is also flame resistant which makes the possibility of a fire less likely. The heater also features tip-over protection as well as overheat protection. This means that the device shuts off when it is tilted, tipped over or overheats.

Vornado uses intense air circulation to create gentle heat throughout the room. This watt model features two temperature modes and works most effectively in spaces between and sq. The device automatically shuts off it is tipped over or overheats. The Vornado is larger than other personal heaters, but it still weighs under 10 pounds and can easily be moved from room to room.

Instead of having multiple devices buy a product that can do it all. The Optimus H Oscillating Tower Heater is probably one of the most familiar looking space heaters, as it follows the typical tower fan format, but sometimes being the most familiar is the safest option to be. Which helps cover the range of heating one would need from a fan like this. And it remains cool to the touch.

Its shape allows for a powerful 75 degrees of rotation that helps spread the heat in the room quickly, while being able to blow hot air onto a range of people in a certain vicinity. It is light in weight, easy to carry, and turns off automatically if it is about to fall from a collision. Shopping for any good appliance, even a space heater can be a daunting task, believe me, I know.

But I have outline a few helpful guidelines for you to follow which are guaranteed to get you whatever it is you are looking for or need. Now there are two main kinds of space heaters out there, the fan kind and the radiator kind. While researching for this article, I came across a lot of arguments for and against both types of heaters.

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But there really is no one single authority of opinion on any heaters or any product out there because the truth which I feel most of people left out was that both types of heaters are good for their own specific heating needs. Usually the fan based heaters are mostly among the best portable space heaters that are great for spreading heat in small spaces. The fan in these heaters blows out hot air in all directions of the room and since the room will mostly be small, it will get heated up and feeling toasty warm rather soon. Radiator heaters are great for large rooms because they are usually bigger in size and designed to give better heating to larger sized rooms.

This is because it actually heats the air that is inside your room instead of spreading it around with just a fan without actually heating the air. This is why I really prefer the radiator type heater to be the best space heater for large room. Heat is very necessary to get that body warmed up and get your circulation moving so that you can beat the laziness and do something productive.

Heaters these days come in all shapes and sizes and even the most aesthetic looking designs that are sure to wow anybody. Not only do they come in big sizes but very small, highly portable ones too and you literally have your huge range to choose from. It is all at your discretion and depending on your own preferences that you can choose which space heater to invest into.

I hope you have an idea now about the best space heater, after this review. You can decide for yourself which heater in this list is a best space heater for large room, or best small space heater for your own needs. He eats, breathes and sleeps these types of stuff and have also worked in this industry. Which one you will suggest? Six hundred square feet space needs a hundred watts heater, in that case Lasko is best fit for your basement.

I am going for Crane Fireplace, it has that classic fireplace look.

Thanks for your effort on testing all these space heaters and make this guide happen. We are looking for a heater for our cottage. We would like a heater we can put on a timer so it will start around 2pm on Friday afternoon to warm up the cottage before we arrive around 8pm. The cottage is about sq feet, mostly open concept with the exception of two bedrooms and one bathroom. Once we arrive, we would start up the wood stove. Not sure if we would need more than one heater? Any recommendations?

This oiled field heater has a timer so that you can set start and stop time beforehand. It takes some time to heat up the room but that is not a deal breaker. Hello and thank you for a fantastic review. Any ideas for that? Thanks in advance! Hi Shannon, You can go with Optimus H This one is the safest heater you can buy. You also get useful features like Quick heating, 76 degrees of rotation, Remote control.

Awesome article. Thanks for sharing about best space heaters. Very helpful article. Thanks for posting. Love your reviews! Just curious, what do you do with all the merchandise you buy after the testing is complete? Have a great holiday! The best heater is the electric oil filled rads! They are quiet, you can dry clothes on it, put a container of water on top of it, easy to clean, super safe, cheap to run and can heat a large room. They may take longer to heat up a room but just put it on high and then turn it down. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Winter can be a harsh time, and with it comes a very unforgiving cold that stops you dead in your tracks for even doing the tiniest things. Best Space Heater Product Reviews I hope you will find this thorough guide handy and that it will help you in deciding which kind of space heater you yourself would like to get for your own home.

Check Price. What this sensor function really does is that it prevents your heaters, especially long heaters like the Lasko from tripping over accidentally. Handy oscillation function Uniform distribution of heat Ease of use Many features provided. Lack of a trip sensor. Another thing I really liked about this Heater is that despite its efficient and long lasting cooling system, it stays absolutely cool on the outside to touch.

So while it is emitting great amounts of heat from the top of the radiator. Finally, we shot a thermographic picture of each heater using a Flir C3 camera to search for unusually hot areas or any other anomaly that escaped our other tests. Watts: 1, Type: Carbon-filament infrared Highest grill temperature: degrees Highest recorded amps: Watts: 1, Type: Electrical resistance Highest grill temperature: degrees Highest recorded amps: Pound for pound, the MVH is hard to beat.

The result is surprisingly quiet and evenly distributed warm air. Its heat output can be adjusted to three settings: low watts , medium 1, watts and high 1, watts. Sitting at floor level and moving as much air as it does, the MVH is bound to pull in lint and dust. We think the guts of the appliance should be protected with an air filter, to avoid a fire hazard. Lacking that, vacuum the MVH regularly. Watts: 1, Type: Electrical ceramic Highest grill temperature: degrees Highest recorded amps: And in the truest sense, it does lack a fan, using a multi-vane impeller instead.

We also liked the sleek touch pad on the front for controlling the wattage setting for the heating element, tower oscillation, and the eight-hour timer. If we had to pick one gripe, it would be that the battery hatch on the remote needs another trip through engineering. Taking it off? Forget about it.

10 Best Space Heaters (Reviewed October )

Watts: 1, Type: Electrical, oil-filled radiator Highest surface temperature: degrees Highest recorded amps: It has a thermostatic control, three heat settings, and a timer. Nearly the entire surface of this grill-less appliance gets piping hot—the thermographic view through the Flir showed a large, bright yellow box-shaped hunk of heat. Like a stove, it will set up a convection current, with hot air rising up from it to the ceiling, sinking back down along the walls, toward the heater, and up again. The DeLonghi oscillating tower heater is an excellent product for several important reasons.

A tip-over switch will shut it off if it falls, as will an overheat switch if it gets too hot.

The Best Space Heaters for Warming Up the Office, Garage, or Home

The appliance is otherwise fully equipped. Its dual ceramic heating elements provide two levels of output high and low , and they can even be totally switched off, allowing the heater to function as a low-speed fan. The timer has a hour cycle, allowing you to designate on and off periods as if it were a small furnace. And, icing on the cake, it was the only heater equipped with a remote that came with a battery.

Weight: 9.

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If you need longer run time than its estimated three hours on high, you can buy a kit that enables you to hook it up to a pound propane cylinder. It took some looking, but we found what we believe to be the last portable electrical space heater still made in America.